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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IT Technician For Your Company.


With the ever evolving technology, it is important that every company change with it as well. One way to achieve this is by equipping your business with the necessary electronics and computers so as to make the work easier. With a computer you can be able to do so much such as sending emails to your clients, creating templates for marketing your products and services and storing your data as well. Well, apart from having these devices in your firm, it is important that you have a technician so as to offer support regarding installing and troubleshooting any problems related to the electronics.



What are the most important questions to ask the IT technician when hiring him or her?


  • How well do you work?

IT ServiceTo be able to get the credibility of the individual ask them on how well they work with other clients. For example, you can ask those several problems that they have been able to successfully solve in other company’s and maybe how long it took for them to address the issues. This will help you gauge if indeed the candidate has excellent customer services or not.


  • What will happen to my saved document?

This is a very crucial question that one must ask the IT technician. This is because you need assurance that if the person handles your gadget, no information will be lost. So the technician must be able to explain to you step by step on what they will do to make sure that all the saved data is not lost at all.


  • What experience do you have?


Experience is another determining factor when hiring a person for managed IT services Melbourne. Therefore the more years the person has been in existence, the more experience they have to solve any IT issues. So ensure that you know how much the personnel has before selecting them.


  • What are your charges?

By knowing the cost of hiring the person is crucial as you need to hire a person with good services IT Techand the one you can be able to afford as well. Also, if you find a person who is charging rather too low, you should think twice before hiring them as you may find that they don’t have enough knowledge and skills related to IT. A good technician should charge you a pocket-friendly price for their services.


  • What are your working schedule and hours?

It is crucial to know the timing of the IT technician so you can be able to determine if their schedule is convenient for you. You may experience a technical problem during the weekend whereby you might need their help, and if the technician does not work during the weekends or for long hours, then this will be a bit inconveniencing for you. In other words, ensure that you choose a person who has a flexible schedule.



Getting a professional and reliable IT support personnel is time-consuming and requires a lot of resources as well. Therefore use the above-discussed questions as a guide when selecting an IT person for your company.